Dominican Studentate and USTGS-CCCPET partnered for ‘Barcada’

The Dominican Studentate Media Center (DSMC) and the UST GS CCCPET conducted the Barcada project to commemorate the role of the Dominicans in the 500th year history of the Philippine archipelago and the 50th anniversary of the Dominican Province of the Philippines. “Barcada: The Legacy of the Order of Preachers in the Philippine Church” was a webinar on Dominican history and heritage. The nine (9)-day webinar began on March 8 and ended on March 16 which aired from 8 pm to 9 pm.

The speakers were Prof. Regalado Trota Jose (What did the Dominicans hoard in the Archives of the University of Santo Tomas for 400 years? Let’s take a peek; Prof. Eric B. Zerrudo (Worlding the Heritage Futures of the Order of Preachers in the Philippines); Prof. Romeo B. Galang, Jr. (Beyond the Santo Domingo Church: The Lady Chapel, Sacristy and the Convent); Bro. Mervin Lomague (From Intramuros to Quezon City: Building the Post-War Sto. Domingo); Rev. Fr. Jarvis H. Sy, OP (The Dominicans and the Missions in the Far East: The Unfinished Encounter); Rev. Fr. Louie R. Coronel, O.P. (Black, White and Red: 17th Century Dominican Martyrs); Rev. Fr. Hilario Sicat, Jr. OP (From Mental Mist to the Light: Education from the Vision of Dominican Missionaries in the Late 16th to 17th Century Philippines), and Rev. Fr. Roland V. de la Rosa, OP (The Filipino Dominicans: Their Beginnings and Development). The webinar indelibly marked the contribution of the Dominicans in all aspects of Philippine society and in the Asian region amidst struggles and failings in the past 500 years of evangelization.

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